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Sterilization Center

Our sterilization center is equipped with the best technology available to assure that we abide by the highest standards in sterilization and disinfection as dictated by the Centers for Disease Control.

Clean and disinfected instruments are the result of four key elements. The mechanical action of the water provides a natural scrubbing effect, detergents chemically attack the soil, the proper water temperature aids the chemical and mechanical action, and sufficient time allows these elements to work to full effect.

Our Miele G 7881 Dental Washer-Disinfector provides a superior level of mechanical action. The heavy-duty circulation pump operates at a rate of 105 gallons per minute, ensuring a vigorous wash while using minimal water.

The unique design of our Miele spray arms maximizes cleaning effectiveness. The shape, size and position of the nozzles ensure that water and detergent contact all exposed surfaces in the wash chamber. The low amplitude waveform created by the spray arm's motion also causes increased mechanical action to loosen even the most stubborn soils.

During the processing and packaging of soiled dental instruments, personnel are required by CDC guidelines to wear heavy gloves while handling the instruments. Not only does this slow the process of sterilization and disinfection, but a puncture wound exposes our team to risk of infection from bloodborne pathogens. High-level disinfection makes instruments clean enough to be handled with bare hands. Not only is this faster and easier, it also eliminates the dangerous step of scrubbing the instruments by hand.

Our G 7881 Dental Washer-Disinfector offers a program for thermal disinfection with simultaneous cleaning, rinsing, and optional drying of instruments and accessories. The disinfection takes place at 93ºC/200ºF with a holding time of 10 minutes, resulting in tuberculocidal disinfection including the inactivation of HIV, MTV and HBV without the use of chemical disinfectants. When retrieving the instruments/cassettes from the disinfector, they are safe for handling. Delivers a high level clean that exceeds OSHA standards for Microbial contamination reduction of 99.9%

To prove the disinfection abilities of our G 7881 Dental Washer-Disinfector, extensive biological and physical studies were conducted by renowned institutions throughout the United States.

After this rigorous process all instruments and cassettes get wrapped and undergo a full sterilization cycle that is monitored daily with special indicators and weekly with spores that are sent to an independent lab for confirmation of compliance with the highest levels of infection control.

At Root Canal Experts, your safety is our priority.