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Learning Center

When it comes to education, most people want to make sure that they have the best possible resources available to them. People either can find these resources in the school systems, or they can find them in learning centers.

It is challenging to find quality of courses outside of the dental school environment; most of the courses are geared towards selling a product or funded by a particular company with the interest that the doctors attending these courses eventually utilize their products. Tired of poor learning experiences, we decided to create our own center. Our facility provides free academic or other educational services to the dental community in our area. Our events may include full courses, clinical demonstrations of state of the art procedures as well as tutoring or mentoring local and international dentists. Our center currently holds around 4 large events a year and it has been featured in the most prominent local newspaper.

Learning centers are needed whenever an educational need is not met in a community by other facilities (including schools). Thus, the purpose of our center is to supplement existing institutions rather than to compete with them.